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We have recently completed a project in Sheffield Called Kelhams Island. The request was for a Penstock to have a twin gate, manufactured from st st.

The location was very picturesque Yorkshire stonewalls a small local brewery to one side with a new housing development to the other. After visiting the site we suggested due consideration to incorporating a Penstock designed as per the photo to the left. This is the actual unit that was installed.



 Product Innovation and Development

More than ever, specialisation determines the future of many companies. Industrial Penstocks since its conception started well in time to concentrate on the modern Penstock technology designed for a modern Water and Sewage industry.

Designs to meet the requirements of today’s market place coupled with the major features of Industrial PENSTOCKS and its products provide all users with a confident solution.

As individuals, we have over some the last 30 years pushed back the envelope of innovative Penstock design capability, we have taken on problems provided solutions to what most would have said no can do, by moving forward with new solutions to the current market requirements, and not forgetting that the cost of ownership is paramount. This in its self when looking in depth at the SG range boasts innovation.

We are already identified in the market place for proactive Penstock Development, products that sort no boundaries in the mass market area, for design size and operating pressures. When looking at what is available we can demonstrate today advances in installation techniques.

The SG a compact, robust, corrosion resistant and impact resistant Penstock providing all the answers. As with most manufacturing companies the design is carried out solely by internal engineers on what the manufacturer thinks. At Industrial PENSTOCKS we decided that a more innovative approach was needed and took our ideas and suggestions to the market place and listened and listened. In doing this we were able to design a product that gave satisfaction to all.

So the SG range of products was launched creating rave reviews in the market place. The product group offers a more flexible approach to usage from WTW, STW, Flood Defense, Sea Defense, Major Sewers and Special duties. Since its launch we have been able due to a vast amount of both product and application knowledge both here and abroad further develop the product to suit other markets and processes to the extent they can - operate sideways and both operate and withstand on-off seat heads (We are the first company to design manufacture and on site test a stainless steel gr 316 penstock to withstand 18m off seat pressure, SEE THE PICTURE ABOVE).

If we look back over its life the product has changed whole sale in its natural development. Yes, Natural Development, we feel that this is far more important than knee jerk reactions to we must further develop the as the saying goes if it ani't broke don’t fix it.

In this case we have seen small but all-important changes to the product from simple standard channel sections to fitted replaceable seals and low friction taper wedges. Only in the last 18 months the SG range of Stop logs has grown to add Aluminum for its selection of log material all having the unique fixed top seal ensuring additional asset management.

Finally it’s all well and good knowing the product but Industrial Penstocks believe that by adopting basic principles from which the products derive coupled with and open mind and always willing to listen to reason both product innovation and development become natural.