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Industrial PENSTOCKS ltd (part of F J Holdings Ltd) won a new contract to design, manufacture, supply and supervise the installation of a high-head special Stainless Steel Grade 316 Penstock in Dubai UAE.

The Penstock was designed to suit a 15m on-and-off-seating head.  The Penstock (see picture) is a 2400mm x 2400mm square all Stainless steel Grade 316 construction and has been installed in the Emirate of Dubai for Dubai Municipality. The project is the Waste Water Pumping Station, DM reference DS138/2A, at location Nad Al Sheba 4.

The Penstock is the 2nd of its kind to be supplied and installed by the company in the region,  the 1st also being a 2400mm x 2400mm sq, this design though suitable for a 21.5m on-and-off-seating head.

This particular market requires a greatly reduced leakage tolerance, one that is not found anywhere else in the world. The on-site hydraulic test results recorded that the design, manufacture and installation of the Penstock performed a near drop tight solution; results recorded were 50% less than allowed.

This new design is breaking new ground for Industrial PENSTOCKS ltd in the market pushing the design further than any previous Penstock manufacture has before, this with the aid of the latest cad and FEA software.

Despite strong competition, industrial PENSTOCKS ltd secured the contract, because they were able to comply fully with the client’s Dubai Municipality specification, and was able to demonstrate a proven track record for this type of high head design, in the market.

In addition to this project Industrial PENSTOCKS ltd has an excellent track record for supplying similar heavy duty 2000mm dia 16 bar rated knife gates valves at Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi and 96 No Special Duplex Stainless Steel Penstocks for the Ras Az Zawr Desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

industrial PENSTOCKS Ltd  together with group companies industrial VALVES Ltd, IVL Flow Control Ltd, Ham Baker Ltd, Adams Hydraulics Ltd,  Three Star Environmental Ltd, and Kempster Engineering Ltd are proud to announce their participation at this year’s IFAT 2014. All companies form part of FJ Holdings.

FJ Holdings Group is today recognised nationally and internationally for being in the top sector for business groups associated with all forms of fluid control. The group comprises of over 12 individual manufacturing and supply companies all unique in their product or service area, and all being able to demonstrate a first class service and support at all levels of the supply chain. The group demonstrates a proven project supply list from Water and Sewage treatment, Cryogenics, Desalination, Network Modelling, Surge Analysis Reports, and Leakage and Pressure Management Control. As a group FJ Holdings have been awarded a certificate in health and safety best practice BS OHSAS 18001. This is the benchmark for occupational health and safety management, in addition to this we also hold certification to ISO 14064 verification, which requires quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas-related information in accordance with ISO's rigorous international requirements and ISO9001 Quality Management system.

The 2014 IFAT exhibition offers fascinating insights innovations for potable water, waste water recycling and a responsible view towards our valuable resource, in addition to new and innovative product solutions.

In 2012 IFAT exhibition received over 2,500 exhibitors from over 50 countries to put on a display of innovations and solutions in the field of water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

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Industrial PENSTOCKS ltd together with its sister companies industrial VALVES ltd and industrial PIPELINE SOLUTIONS ltd raise standards for its staff and customers.
The FJ Holdings groups have been awarded a certificate in health and safety best practice BS OHSAS 18001. This is the benchmark for occupational health and safety management.

Achieving this certification has enabled the business to prioritize its staff welfare and improving customer satisfaction raising the business to the next level in preferred supplier status.

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F J Holdings Ltd, which incorporates Industrial Penstocks and its sister company Industrial Valves, has become one of the first companies in the water industry to gain the important ISO 14064 verification, which requires quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas-related information in accordance with ISO's rigorous international requirements. One of around only 300 UK companies to achieve this ISO 14064-1:2006 verification from the British Standards Institute, F J Holdings demonstrated a systematic methodology to quantify and report greenhouse gas (GHG) information during a stringent audit.

Andrew Williams, Group Managing Director at F J Holdings, commented: “This verification recognises our strong commitment and continual investment towards being sustainable and reducing our emissions within the water industry”.

He added: “News about global warming doesn’t always hit the headlines these days, but that’s no reason for industry to be complacent. We are keen to act responsibly through ISO 14064, to reduce our carbon footprint and lead the way with such high standards that ensurecredibility, consistency, and transparency of greenhouse gas accounting and reporting”.

Industrial Penstocks has won an order from Saudi Arabia for a total of 84 high quality Duplex stainless steel penstocks, Williams also believes that ISO 14064 will further increase F J Holdings’ export trade

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FJ Holdings Limited are pleased to announce the acquisition of Ham Baker Adams Ltd  
The acquisition brings together Ham Baker Adams Ltd, Industrial Valves Ltd, Industrial Pipelines Ltd, Industrial Penstocks Ltd and Kempster Engineering Ltd.  Businesses which are focused on supplying high quality equipment and service to the UK & global markets.
Our newly created group will offer a unique range of products with a heritage of over 125 years and vision to differentiate ourselves by way of continual improvement in product design and service. 

Super size high pressure Knife Gate Valves designed and built by Industrial Penstocks (part of F J Holdings Ltd), are playing a vital part in the smooth-running success of the new Wathba 2 wastewater treatment plant in Abu Dhabi.

The 1.6m and 2m diameter carbon steel and duplex stainless steel Knife Gate Valves, which operate at 10 Bar, were recently installed at the 300,000m3/day capacity plant that treats sewage in the United Arab Emirate to a rigorously high standard.

Industrial Penstocks completed its order on time and on budget following comprehensive pressure testing that would ensure safe and efficient operation of its bi-directional Knife Gate Valves, which form part of the preliminary, primary and secondary process treatments, including activated sludge settlement, biological nutrient removal, filtration and disinfection.

Treated sewage effluent from Wathba 2 is piped to the Mafraq WWTP approximately 50km away, where it is then conveyed directly to the Abu Dhabi municipality’s irrigation network. Part of the Independent Sewage Treatment Plan 2, the building of Wathba 2 also serves as a reforestation project designed to combat desertification.

Industrial Penstocks Ltd is part of F J Holdings Ltd, together with Industrial Pipeline Supplies Ltd and Industrial Valves Ltd. These three companies offer a complete solution for quality flow control equipment to the water, wastewater, power, petrochemical and process industries. male infertile