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Super size high pressure Knife Gate Valves designed and built by Industrial Penstocks, are playing a vital part in the smooth-running success of the new Wathba 2 wastewater treatment plant in Abu Dhabi.

The 1.6m and 2m diameter carbon steel and duplex stainless steel Knife Gate Valves, which operate at 10 Bar, were recently installed at the 300,000m3/day capacity plant that treats sewage in the United Arab Emirate to a rigorously high standard.

Industrial Penstocks completed its order on time and on budget following comprehensive pressure testing that would ensure safe and efficient operation of its bi-directional Knife Gate Valves, which form part of the preliminary, primary and secondary process treatments, including activated sludge settlement, biological nutrient removal, filtration and disinfection.

Treated sewage effluent from Wathba 2 is piped to the Mafraq WWTP approximately 50km away, where it is then conveyed directly to the Abu Dhabi municipality’s irrigation network. Part of the Independent Sewage Treatment Plan 2, the building of Wathba 2 also serves as a reforestation project designed to combat desertification.

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